Our method



At Impressed, crafting the highest quality juice starts with sourcing the best quality ingredients. We are proud and committed to supporting Aussie farmers as our first choice for farm-fresh produce whenever possible.  The majority of our produce is sourced from Aussie farms, direct from farmers. When we are unable to source local produce on occasion due to environmental factors outside of our control, we temporarily source overseas produce, based on the same high standards of quality and food safety, until we can resume sourcing from local farms again.


For at least 50% of the year, we can guarantee all the pineapple that we source is 100% Australian and during the most difficult sourcing seasons we can guarantee the 30% of all the pineapple we source is Australian.
This will affect the percentage Australian ingredients in the juices containing pineapple and is the reason we provide an average for these products.

*Based on analysis of one year sourcing and purchasing data.



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