Living a plant based life

Here at Impressed, we believe that plant based is a way of life, not just a way of eating. It’s about being mindful of your daily choices, whether that be exercise, attitude, rest or diet.  Labels aside, we welcome everyone to join us along this plant based journey, whether you enjoy a whole plant based diet or are simply looking to incorporate more plant based foods into your life. It’s simple choices like this which can change the world one spoonful or sip at a time!

Image depicting  Better for your health

Better for your health

A diet rich in plant based foods has a wealth of health benefits. Along with the goodness of greater vitamins and minerals, studies show eating increasing amounts of plant based foods can help prevent and reduce some health conditions.

Healthy doesn’t have to mean bland either- we pride ourselves in making alternatives that taste great and will have you feeling impressed!

Image depicting  Better for the environment

Better for the environment

We are dedicated to lightening our footprint by being conscious about the way we make our food.

We use fresh ingredients straight from farmers, and craft our products locally using the purest methods to create a high quality sustainable product for you to enjoy as part of a balanced diet.

Image depicting  Better for the planet

Better for the planet

Eating more plant based foods is a conscious step in bettering the health of the planet.

From placing focus on improving animal welfare, climate change, reducing deforestation and freshwater consumption, we can help make the world a little greener by simply making more mindful food choices.

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