As local as it gets

Welcome to Impressed

Here at Impressed we believe it’s about making small mindful choices each day, as simple as deciding what to fuel you body with, that have the power to benefit your health, the environment and the planet too.

That’s why we are passionate about creating nourishing products like our delicious range of cold pressed juices. We take care in selecting quality local ingredients direct from the farm and gently crafting them locally in Melbourne to make the choice an easy one for you.


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Jarrod manages sales and distribution to make sure our products are always available in your local store.



Luke is co-creator of Impressed and still enjoys a Summer Greens every day.



Milan manages our juicing team and the fresh produce that comes in from the farms every day.

Meet the real heroes, our farmers

Quality produce means quality juice. That’s why at Impressed we source our delicious produce direct from Australian farmers who we know and trust.


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Stephanie is a sixth-generation farmer who grows the delicious Celery and Kale for our Green juices.


Lowe’s Farms

Andrew works on the family farm in Victoria’s north and is proud to supply Spinach to Impressed Juices.


9 Mile

Rob’s orchids in Tynong, Victoria produce both the Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples that make Impressed Juices so delicious.

Australian Fruit & Veges

Made in Australia and a key ingredients for our delicious pressed juices.

How do we make cold pressed juice?