Cacao Kapow

Cravings? Get your fix with Cacao Kapow, our deliciously smooth blend of Almond milk, dates, cacao, sea salt and vanilla.

Key Ingredients

Icon for Almonds Almonds
Icon for Sea Salt Sea Salt
Icon for Dates Dates
Icon for Vanilla Bean Vanilla Bean
Icon for Cacao Cacao

Available sizes

Small bottle icon325ml

Nutritional information

Cacao KapowServe (250ml)Per 100mL
Energy (kJ)670206
Protein (g)4.21.3
Fat (g)9.4 2.9
- saturated fat (g)0.60.2
Carbohydrates (g)14.94.6
- sugars (g) 13.04.0
- lactose (g)0.00.0
- galactose (g) 0.00.0
Sodium (mg) 9830
Fibre (g) 2.3 0.7


Australian grown: Almond milk (filtered water, Australian almonds (5%)), Sea Salt (<0.1%). Grown overseas: Date (6%), Cacao (1%), Vanilla bean (0.1%).

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